Welcome to Puddleducks Feilding – we have 3 centres in Feilding, all located within minutes to the town centre and local amenities. Feilding is where the Puddleducks journey began in 2000, in Manchester Street. 



We are a purpose built, beautifully presented centre based in the middle of the Friendly Feilding township.

We cater for the ages of 0-6; providing quality care and education Monday to Friday 7.30-5.30. We are adjacent to Manchester Street School, a close walking distance from parks, the library, Makino aquatic centre and the town centre. Our children enjoy being able to embrace community experiences on a regular basis, especially Rural Day and the farmers market.

We have three spaces; Infants/Pateke, Toddlers/Whio and the Preschool/Ohanga; these spaces provide meaningful engaging learning opportunities, specifically for the ages of the children in the rooms. We have 90% qualified teachers who are passionate about providing quality learning experiences for our children.

Whanaungatanga is a core value in our centre; strong, reciprocal respectful relationships between children, parents/whanau and teachers is highly important to us. Through these relationships we build strong partnerships and effective communication avenues with our families and community; this we believe opens pathways and fosters continued learning for our children.

Both the Infants/Pateke and the Toddler/Whio classrooms have a strong emphasis on Primary Care Teaching; each child has a teacher who ensures that their daily needs and learning experiences are met. These key one on one relationships support children’s emotional well-being while developing a strong sense of belonging; which supports the latest research surrounding ‘Attachment Based’ theory and learning. Free-movement practice is embedded throughout the Infants/Pateke room philosophy, interweaving with their underpinning values of children having the opportunity to reach milestones unassisted.  

The Preschool/Ohanga space facilitates multiple learning experiences for the varied ages of children within the rooms. We nurture and extend their curiosities about the world around them, acknowledging that each child has their own set of skills and meaningful experiences to contribute to their learning. A Fun@Four learner ready programme that extends children’s learning dispositions, cultivates questioning and wonderment is offered to children when they turn four. We pride ourselves on our ‘Transition to School’ programme which has created strong partnerships and pathways with our local schools to create seamless transitions for our children.  




We provide a nurturing, respectful and trusting primary care environment to enhance emotional wellbeing and develop a sense of belonging for all children.

We work cooperatively with infants at their own pace and encourage free movement whilst listening to the voice of the child to empower children to develop as confident and capable learners.

Primary care allows children and their families to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with their teacher. With responsive, reciprocal relationships with parents we nurture and support their cultural values, beliefs and customs.

The transition process from the Infants to Toddlers is unique; we have a large sliding door between our rooms which is opened early in the mornings so Infants and Toddlers can move freely between the rooms. This enables infants to become familiar with the environment and form trusting relationships with the Toddler teachers.



We see Toddler’s as a fun and age group who are energetic, curious and unique learners who are experiencing a stage of rapid growth and development. This is reflected through our programme, which provides an environment and learning opportunities that are meaningful as well as flexible which allows for children’s spontaneity, enabling us to follow teachable moments.

Primary care is the foundation of our toddler room philosophy with a key teacher role promoting consistency for each child and their family. The key teacher and buddy teacher work in partnership with families to provide an environment that is culturally inclusive and responsive to each child’s needs.

We believe that positive emotional security is fundamental for children to be able to discover, learn and grow.



Catering for children from two years six months of age until they go to school. Children of this age are inquisitive and learning to be independent.

Our preschool supports children to use their inquisition and growing independence to learn and develop at their own pace.

We see our children as capable learners and encourage them to plan for their own learning by following their interests within our room. Each child has a whanau teacher that supports them in settling into our environment. We have a team of four teachers who work together to meet all individual children’s needs.

We offer a core curriculum of art, literacy, sensory, science and construction experiences that are afforded to our children every day. We also have daily mat times where children practice turn taking, participation, and sharing ideas through songs and stories.

“Fun @ Four” provides an additional programme to support four year old children in their transition from Preschool to school. Every day the four year olds play games with science, literacy, numeracy and the arts embedded within them. The Fun @ Four teachers help the children to develop and learn to use dispositions including thinking flexibly, persisting, listening with understanding and, imagining and innovating to ensure the children leave our centre with a kete full of resources to help them on their lifelong learning journey.



Our learning environment is designed for children aged two years six months until they go to school. A lot is happening in a child’s learning and development during these years, we nurture and extend on their natural curiosities about the world around them.

We acknowledge that each child has a different set of skills and experiences to share. During their time in Juniors children are becoming very independent -we foster and encourage independence. For example our children are responsible for serving their own meals, at afternoon tea they practice self-help skills by making their own sandwiches.

Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, our environment is prepared each morning and afternoon to reflect current interests, then children are free to explore activities. Each activity is carefully thought out and incorporates early numeracy and literacy skills.

Something of great importance is encouraging and ensuring children have a positive attitude towards learning. We encourage determination, perseverance, communication, team work, problem solving, taking responsible risks, having a go, and much more. These skills are essential as children move into new learning settings and will help develop life-long learning in all areas of life.

Juniors join with preschool for Fun @ Four each day.

We plan projects based around a group interest or question. Children are highly motivated to learn when engaged in experiences that are meaningful to them, the best learning occurs when a child has a burning desire within to learn about a certain topic. We use group interests or questions to plan a vast range of activities which link to Te Whāriki, The Early Childhood curriculum document with literacy and numeracy weaved through these projects.

We are committed to creating a learning environment that will ensure children become competent, confident, life-long learners.

Puddleducks’ Nursery and Preschool (Feilding)

154-156 Manchester Street Feilding Phone: 0800 897 382
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    Puddleducks Haggitt Street is a boutique space licensed for only 27 children in an unders and overs space, with a child led, calm and peaceful curriculum on offer in an under two room and an over’s room.

    We have an inviting environment that caters for all, with a wonderful outside play space, a well developed eco garden and a budding living area with birds.

    Puddleduck’s Haggitt street is situated in a developed residential area with peaceful surrounds.

    We are open Mon – Friday 0730-1730

    Our teachers are passionate kaiako (teachers) dedicated to offering the best curriculum in the Manawatu.



    Puddleducks’ Nursery and Preschool (Haggitt Street-Feilding)

    2a Haggitt Street Feilding Phone: 0800 897 382
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      Gladstone Street Puddleducks’ are proud to have served the Feilding community for 20 years and are excited to open our new purpose-built Centre here in our fabulous neighbourhood and are welcoming viewings and enrolments now for your child’s early learning journey. 

      At Gladstone Street we are committed to offering the best education and care for your child. Our primary care for infants and toddlers from your degree trained teachers is second to none, along with great teacher to child ratio will give your child a great sense of belonging and wanting to be in our Centre. We value free movement philosophy which means your child will not be strapped into any devices and allowed to physically develop in their own time, in their own way. Along with your child’s own bed, with quality linen, nappies, bibs, wipes and nutritious food prepared daily by our onsite chef (with morning and afternoon tea and a full cooked lunch), we are your one stop Centre. 

      In the preschool environment we trust that your child will lead their own learning where our teachers intentionally observe what your child’s current ideas, urges, fascination and interests are and work to support extending your child’s thinking and excitement for learning, in partnership with you the family.  Everything that our early learning setting does is guided by NZ’s ECE curriculum which aligns itself with the NZ curriculum for when your child continues their learning journey after graduating here at Gladstone Street. Our fun @ four programme which is offered to all four years olds is a fun journey for your child’s thinking and wonderment for learning will be provoked and celebrated. 

      Our commitment to our land, community and families are paramount, we wish to be as sustainable as possible, growing kai, learning how to be kaitiaki (guardians) of te whenua (the land). With reusable nappies, wipes, flannels for hands and faces and our own wet bag, our environmental footprint will be low, and your child will become an advocate for the environment. 

      As we are in close proximity to the CBD your child will be active within our neighbourhood.  We have connected with local businesses and we will have many walking trips and things to do.  Along with sessions of pilates and fun football, as a Centre our Kaupapa (philosophy) is to have the heart of the child, is central to all that we do. 

      So enquire now, contact us for an appointment to view your new Centre and be part of a wonderful early learning journey. 

      Enquire Now


      Puddleducks Gladstone Street Feilding

      9 Gladstone St Feilding Phone: 0800 897 382
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