Montessori Preschool

Montessori Preschool

Montessori Preschool

At Puddleducks’ Montessori we aspire to develop and grow as a culturally diverse, dynamic and inclusive community of learners encompassing our bicultural heritage. We work with whānau, tamariki and our community to provide a Montessori programme for education within the framework of Te Whāriki. We aim to nurture the development of tamariki from age two years to six years of age; fostering their natural desire for independence, exploration and self-discovery within our specially prepared environment.

At Puddleducks’ Montessori tamariki have fun and learn at the same time, guided by skilled, inspiring and caring professionals who know how to extend the thinking of tamariki and nurture their love of learning. Tamariki move between activities, making choices, exploring, developing independence and growing in confidence. They have opportunities to learn about the world and begin to understand their connection to it.

We are an Enviroschool belonging to a wider community of early childhood centres and schools in our region. The kaupapa of the Enviroschools programme is about the well-being of the whole preschool, community and ecosystem. Integrating education for sustainability into the whole of our preschool creates learning opportunities and a range of benefits and is interwoven seamlessly with our Montessori way of life.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Testimonial -Doolan Family, March 2016

“We have had the privilege of being associated with Puddleducks’ Montessori for the last 5 years with our two daughters attending. Our youngest still attends and prior to this our niece and nephew attended there, who are now, outstanding young adults.

The staff have been kind and supportive and a stable influence in my daughter’s lives particularly with the longevity of the staff members.

Experiencing education at Puddleducks’ Montessori has provided them with an excellent foundation in their preparation for school in that they excel in their levels of concentration, empathy towards others and independence.

We would not hesitate to recommend Puddleducks’ Montessori to anyone!”

At Puddleducks’ Montessori:

  • We support the natural development of children from two up to the age of six years, nurturing each child’s innate potential as we deliver an inclusive, high quality Montessori programme.
  • Children have fun and learn guided by skilled, inspiring and caring professionals who know how to extend children’s thinking and nurture their love of learning.
  • We build positive partnerships with parents and whānau inviting them to share in the life of our Montessori.
  • Children’s natural desire for independence, exploration and self- discovery is promoted by our specially prepared environment.


Montessori is a Philosophy and method of education pioneered by the Italian educationalist Dr Maria Montessori.

The first Montessori school was opened in 1907, and since then, the Montessori movement has grown worldwide.

The Montessori philosophy emphasises the potential of the very young child and the main aim of the philosophy is to assist children to reach their fullest potential.

There are specialised educational materials developed by Maria Montessori in our classrooms and supplemented by complementary resources. Our talented and innovative teachers create learning materials also to reflect the cultural context of New Zealand.

Our Puddleducks’ Montessori Unique Features

  • We plan and prepare an inviting, enabling environment which offers equitable opportunities for children to learn and develop at their own pace and rhythm.
  • We offer extracurricular activities twice a week; Kindy Gym held at Gymsports Manawatu and Creative movement classes held at Montessori, led by an experienced dance teacher.
  • There are two beautifully equipped Montessori classrooms and an exciting outdoor Montessori programme accessible to children during the session.
  • We are an Enviroschool belonging to a wider community of early childhood centres and schools in our region. Integrating education for sustainability into our whole programme supports creating a better world. It is woven seamlessly into our Montessori way of life. “The land is where our roots are, the children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth”. Dr Maria Montessori
  • Children’s learning stories are uploaded to Storypark; a secure online portfolio which you are able to access at any time and invite family members from around the world to view.



Testimonial -Ives Family, March 2016

All three of our children have attended Puddleducks’ Montessori over the past eight years and what a pleasure it has been watching them grow and develop a love of learning in such a respectful and nurturing environment.Our children are all very different personalities but each has thrived and developed as a self-motivated learner in the inspiring and creative Montessori learning environment. The focus on self-care has greatly helped their independence. They have learned respect of others that has aided them socially.  We have found the lovely teachers to be passionate and dedicated in guiding their development. We would unreservedly recommend Puddleducks’ Montessori to all parents who want a holistic educational experience in a warm and caring environment for their children.


Montessori Preschool

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