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Welcome to Puddleducks’ Palmerston North. We have 4 Puddleducks’ centres in Palmerston North, and this includes a Montessori Centre. Our centres all operate between 730am and 530pm, 5 days per week All are within 5-10 minutes of the city centre, with a focus on supporting the health sector by being close to the hospital, as well the CBD. We are locally owned and operated.





Puddleducks' Ward Street is a homely environment where everyone is welcomed and valued.

We provide an environment where teachers and whanau work together to create warm, caring and trusting relationships and a sense of belonging. 

Puddleducks' Ward Street cater for children aged 0-5 years. We provide a stimulating, thoughtful environment where children develop social competence, compassion, empathy, independence, perseverance and resilience to be confident and competent explorers through play. At Puddleducks' Ward Street we support and encourage everyone in all they desire to do, learn and achieve.

We have a recently rennovated infants area, beautiful and homely. We have a wonderful natural outdoor area with real grass and trees. 



Puddleducks’ Wananga Preschool

22 Ward Street Palmerston North Phone: 0800 897 382
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    Puddleducks' Nursery & Preschool Featherston Street

    Our Featherston Street Nursery and Preschool caters for children aged 0-5 years with spaces for up to 80 children. We are conveniently located next to the Kauri Health Centre, and within close proximity to Palmerston North Hospital and the city centre.

    Our centre is custom built creating an amazing learning space for your child/ren. We are a vibrant hub of learning where children are encouraged to follow their interests and ideas with the support of our fantastic teaching team. Our research driven programmes deliver the highest quality learning in a welcoming and inclusive setting. You will notice the leading edge design of our centre that creates a light, airy, homely atmosphere with well-designed spaces throughout each room. We have a beautiful central courtyard that provides an outdoor type play space all year round, even in those wet, winter months.

    All meals are provided (morning tea, cooked lunch, afternoon tea, late snack). These meals are nutritious and very popular with the children with vegetarian, gluten free and other special dietary needs catered for.

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    Our Albert Street Nursery and Preschool is centrally located in Palmerston North and caters for 82 children daily - up to 28 of these being under twos. We are open 7:30-5:30 Monday to Friday and are close to the hospital, schools and Terrace End shopping centre.

    We work in partnership with our families to provide the best care and education for their children – from our infants right up to those ready to head off on the next stage in their learning journey at school. 

    We have specially designed play spaces meeting the unique developmental needs of our infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers.

    We have a large spacious natural outdoor environment with plentiful established trees and gardens allowing children to explore and be active daily.

    We have dedicated and passionate teachers who thrive on learning with, and alongside, our children and their families.



    Koru Room


    Nurturing, peaceful environment catering for infants between the age of 3mths – 12mths.

    A maximum of six infants and two teachers allows consistency and continuity of care – helping our infants gain a secure attachment which is vital at this age for healthy brain development. Strong reciprocal relations form the foundations of this room.

    Families experience a welcoming environment – to share in their children’s learning.

    We provide all our infants with TIME = Tender Intimate Moments Every day. This is a room with unhurried routines; care routines provide special moments for learning.

    We practice true ‘free movement’. Infants have the space and time to explore the movement of their bodies naturally and unassisted without the interruptions of the older more mobile children.

    Within this nurturing environment we provide our infants with a range of opportunities to discover and explore…music, books, body painting, water play, and baking to name a few.

    Aihe Room


    Catering for infants between the age of 12mths – 18mths.

    Infants are curious and ready to explore their surroundings and we provide the opportunity to do so. There is no need for them to be careful of the babies lying on the floor or of the older Toddlers work space; this environment is for them!

    We cater for the children’s desire for independence. We see our children as capable learners; therefore, we support and encourage the children’s self-help skills.

    Baby sign is used alongside the verbal language to support the children’s communication. This leads to great satisfaction in this age group as they can communicate their wants and needs before they have the verbal language to do so.

    Teachers respect the children and explain to them what is happening – making routines and rituals predictable.

    Spontaneous mat times consisting of music, dance, story time and books happen regularly throughout the day. Children can choose to participate or not…however we find this is one of their favourite activities.

    We provide an action packed day however the teachers still place great value on TIME – Tender, Intimate, Moments Every day with unhurried care routines.

    Kowhaiwhai Room

    Specifically tailored for children between 16 months to 2 and a half years.

    Toddlers are curious, excitable, capable and competent young learners. They are in a spirited stage of development, where they enjoy learning how to be independent, yet at times, are still reliant on the adults around them to observe their needs and ensure they are met.

    Our environment and primary care system ensure that they have the opportunity to develop their independence yet know their needs and routines will be met.

    Toddlerhood is a time of rapid physical and social development, as well as language growth and discovering boundaries. Since the Kowhaiwhai room is tailored to such a specific age group, children are able to experiment with their physical development and curiosity while surrounded by children of the same age without the worry of having small infants within the environment. It gives them space and freedom to be toddlers, while also being able to mentor the younger children and share their skills when we share the outdoor environment with the Aihe and Koru rooms.

    Toddlers learn through meaningful experiences, which are based on their interests, as well as through their daily routines, which are special learning times. We provide many experiences to extend interests and use Schema learning theory alongside Te Whaariki to plan for the children and ensure they are learning within a stimulating environment.

    Play and relationships are the foundation of the Kowhaiwhai room which allows children to learn and develop at their own pace.



    We offer a spacious open plan environment to allow children aged 2-5 years to learn and develop in a supportive environment.

    With a strong emphasis on Whanaungatanga and social relationships a dedicated team of professional educators work together to ensure a collaborate approach to your child’s learning and development is fostered, through enhancing working relationships between children and their families.

    Individual and group planning ensures careful observation of children’s learning is documented in the form of learning stories. These are underpinned by Te Whaariki our National Early Childhood Curriculum.

    Within a large homely environment, children have access to Literacy, Mathematics, Science, The Arts, and carpentry daily as children play and explore along with open ended resources which support their learning.

    Children have free access to the outdoor programme throughout the day to support the development of fundamental physical skills.

    Our large playground provides opportunities for children to explore nature amongst the gardens and trees. The large space allows for climbing, running, cycling, jumping, and gross motor development is encouraged and supported.

    Fun @ Four runs daily throughout each term for the four-year-old children. With a strong focus on learning dispositions within a social context. Children learn to work cooperatively, co- constructing knowledge together, learning fundamental skills that are embedded throughout games and activities. Value is placed on following individual and group interest’s in an environment which respects diversity.

    Flexible and unhurried routines ensure children take charge of their learning and explore and discover at their own pace within a social context.

    Puddleducks’ Nursery & Preschool (PN)

    32-34 Albert Street Palmerston North Phone: 0800 897 382
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      Puddleducks’ Rewanui

      124 Russell Street Palmerston North Phone: 0800 897 382
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